Sunday, September 22, 2013

Make It Happen

Look at me;
I'm not gonna be here for much longer. It's time to get away from this hell. 
I can't make steps forward and I'm not going back either. I'm just stuck here and I can't stay this way. 
I've looked at these four walls with tears all my life. 
It's been and still is tearing me apart. 
I'm going to find a way to be on my own away from here. I don't care how hard it will be to get there.. I'm going to make it happen. I've been in this bubble far too long.This pain, this annoyance has gotten to be too much. 
Constantly I am thinking about them and hoping they are okay but it kills me again and again in the end.
Fuck this, I'm taking steps.. I'm gonna move forward and I don't care about what anyone has to say. This is MY life and it's time I feel happy, genuinely happy in the place I call home/

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Make Moves

Life's been pretty interesting lately. 
I started to classes up again recently and as I figured, I'm extremely busy. Still find my ways to spend time with those that I love. 
I haven't been able to go hiking as often and I honestly miss it so much. I just want to take a few days off and spend it in the forest. Alone tho. I think that's what I really need right now. To be alone with God, in the midst of His creation.
My mind has always been at war.. and yes you got it, it's at war as we speak. 
I know what's expected of me, but the pressure is hard.
I'm trying to figure out if that's what I want too.. not just what others want. 
I need to figure things out and make moves cause what I'm facing is something to not mess with.

Sigh, life.